Mid Century Modern influences

Hello there 
This recent work from the studio is subliminally about mid century modern influences. As an interior architect/designer I get exposed to a lot of design ideas. Last week I attended a great talk by Modernister man Tim Ross, a comedian and man who is passionate about ensuring that modern Australian architecture of the past endures. Tim reminded us of the existence of some great small scale significant architecture, many mid century modern, as he took us through his individual films and interviews. Highly recommended.   

Likewise, I like to think that one of a kind jewellery is something that is owned for the long term which is why I take time to hand make each individual piece. These new pieces using the Dan Cormier Single Slice Mokume technique are made with a strong mid century modern take, pairing form and colour and retro patterning. There are only 4 pieces in this range so it is certainly exclusive.       
Take care, Vicki 

Creative Time in lock down

It's been a weird and strange time across the world. Australia is in lock down like many countries.

Whilst I'm typically home based and in and out of my studio / home office for both my business as a commercial + workplace interior designer and my jewellery work, like many of us I'm now 100% at home - I'm going a bit stir crazy as I am missing my social interactions, but it is so important that we all stay home at this time. 

The future impacts of the post lockdown world will be interesting - perhaps all this working from home time produces more creative and strategic thinking on how to interact whilst being able to spending more time with loved ones?

My cat certainly is very happy with the new regime. For me with a senior parent at her home alone, and loved ones in essential services, I know the worry will continue for a while yet.

At Sasha and Max I am still creating pieces and the online stores are both open at Made it and my polymer clay focused Shopify store Ther…

Carnival stripes

As a new week continues, I've been playing with red and rust tones, and adding very subtle textures.
I've named this mini collection 'Red Carnival' as the colours have a retro circus vibe.

I've made pendants with some large round pieces that have the multi angled stripes.

Here are the unassembled components:

And the earrings

Have  good rest of the week !

Recent work

Well hi there, happy Sunday to you, hope you have been well! Spring has arrived in the Southern hemisphere today - a beautiful sunny day.

Life has been hectic, but it feels like I'm gaining some control having recently opened my own commercial Interior Design Studio, Texture Collective,  after many years working for other firms.

I thought I'd say hi after way too long, and share some recent work with you as my clay work skills have developed. Today is the black and white work, playing with canes and textures. 

My work is available in 2 locations, which is all polymer clay work, and Madeit, which is a mix of polymer and beaded pieces.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!

Handmade Gifts

As 2018 draws to a close (what a year, phew!), wishing you and your families lots of love and happiness.

A long time ago, I took up beaded jewellery making to make gifts. Ten years on, whilst I'm selling online as Sasha + Max, the making of gifts for family and friends still happens, and maybe a few for me too....  

It's of huge satisfaction to now make most of the beads as part of my polymer obsession, and tailor accordingly.

The black and white necklace is for my sister-in-law, who hails from Denmark and has a wonderful modern aesthetic. The beads are my early cane work - stripes a a bit wonky but generally it hangs together, do you think ?

The green necklace is for my Mother - a very stylish 80 something. I was inspired by the some of the one base colour / many shades work of polymer artist Judy Belcher. All the beads are polymer, paired with a Saki Silver clasp  As luck had it, my mother wore a matching modern shift dress on Christmas day that worked perfectly with this…

Polymer adventures

Teardrop I have been playing with polymer clay this year, wanting to put a lot more of my own handmade into my pieces, and totally enjoying this new direction. So much to learn, so many gadgets one could buy!

  Building your own patterns, making canes, adding texture, creating beads - the world is limitless.

So many great artists to learn from whilst wanting to work with my own style.

The journey continues...

Spring 2017

Spring is here in Sydney!
Hope you have had a lovely weekend. I've hit the beading table after a small break.

Here are a couple of new creations. 

I love the feature beads in this necklace - made by Graceful Willow beads- they are so unique and work well with the bayong and czech copper beads.

I've also gone a bit mad for Golem Studio's chunky beads, and have made one pair for the shop and a spare pair of the below Crackle earrings for me too.

You can find both at the Sasha and Max Studio store