Sunday, 22 August 2010

Seeing red .....and terracotta

Been busy beading this weekend-  trying to avoid Australian election overload - we've ended up with no real clear winner as it seems no one really clearly wanted either of the major parties. They were the same old same old....seems to more about media than actually having policies.

Not too much to share today word wise, except to say that there seems to be a lot of red and terracotta used in my bead work lately - that and the birds.....  just can't help myself. The lovely art beads below are by Humblebeads, Outwest, Blue Seraphim, Chinook, and MACarroll

Monday, 9 August 2010

Sasha+Max Studio Profile on Beads of Clay

Hello and Happy Monday (if there is such a thing!)
I'm so excited - the lovely MaryAnn Carroll has written a profile on Sasha+Max Studio on the Beads of Clay blog, a collective group of wonderful ceramic bead artists. As a lot of my pieces feature beads by  these artists MaryAnn decided to post a feature. This is a first for me. If you want to read a bit more about Sasha+Max,  check it out at:  beads-of-clay.blogspot

Thanks so much to MaryAnn and BOC.!!!!!!!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hmm.. Holiday dreaming

In a month or so we go away to Lord Howe Island, which is a world heritage listed island about 2 hours from Sydney - it's the kind of place you have to stop, relax, walk, bike ride, eat great food and do lots of chilling out-  it's been 12 months since our last break away and I can't wait... no mobile phones  no blackberry reception , barely any cars...truly getting away from it all..

Any who, there is a point to this...  The water is the same intense yet iridescent colour as the beads in this Daydream necklace. The crackle glaze that MaryAnn Carroll produced with these beads  pairs well with Round Rabbit's sweet pendant.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Miss B's Birthday Bling earrings

Made for my friend Bernadette 30th birthday, which we celebrated yesterday.
The brief was "a bit of bling" . I think we nailed it with some sterling discs and some silver wrapped sweet Swarovksi pearls.
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