Friday, 30 July 2010


Need we say more!
Friends of Sasha + Max - thank you!
We're having a 3 DAY SALE in our Etsy Shop !!!!

The fine print:
Checkout and make payment as usual, and we will refund your 20% of your purchase by Paypal (Refund calculated by excluding shipping costs. Ends Monday 2 August 2010)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Fresh Colours

Fresh new pieces on a cool Sydney winter's day.


Apple Necklace made with raku lampwork by Beeboo, an Elaine Ray lentil, and some sweet free form apple shaped beads by MaryAnn Carroll. This is the first time I've tried the beaded  loop button closure, seen here with a Mamacita pewter button.

Can you believe that amazing pendant is glass? Outwest is a talented bead artist, that's for sure. A simple combination. Sometime I struggle with names for pieces, and end up a maybe bit corny, but it would be really boring  if we just called pieces by colour and type,  "olive and cream necklace".  Bullseye Necklace - hmmm....not sure about the name...

Friday, 16 July 2010


I'm so fortunate to meet so many bead artists over the net from all over the world, and get the opportunity to own their amazing beads. I have met so many fabulous creative people, not just bead related, in bloglandia and the internet since beading took hold of my life. The life of a bead addict is a good one.

This pair is a simple combination of green concave (or convex depending which way you look at it) ceramic discs by Chinook paired with Mary Ann Caroll's ceramic beads. So simple -  I'm quietly chuffed with the results.

New earrings made with some gorgeous hoops from Outwest that go (oh so nicely) with some raku teal lamp work beads by Blue Seraphim. Look at that pattern on those hoops - I'm in love with these babies!. There's one pair in the Etsy shop and one in the Madeit shop.