Sunday, 20 September 2015

Spring Necklaces

Some little treasures from this weekend's beading table efforts.
A weekend of beading, friends to dinner, quality Main Coon cat time, and some gardening in our new courtyard as we recently moved from an apartment to a townhouse (my new project- the courtyards are very grey, think prison exercise yard aesthetic! Need some TLC and I think I need to hire a landscape designer).

The necklaces are in the Sasha + Max Studio Made it store
I'm "modelling" them with my new fake suede top from David Jones's Studio W label- it was a total bargain and will be a steady favourite this spring. Reminds me of Labrador puppies.. weird I know.

Cactus bead is from the very talented Nancy of Round Rabbit.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Geo necklaces

Simple, bold, colourful, affordable..great gifts.. meet Geo.

They can be found at my Madeit store

Wont be making too many of these as everyone else seems to be doing some variation of the bib necklace.