Monday, 3 October 2016

Inspired by art - Frida Kahlo

It's a long weekend in Sydney - a good time for reflection and creative pursuits.
My sister-in law Grace suggested that I join her for the Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. What a wonderfully curated show it was, telling in detail about their tumultuous life, the world at that time and the stories behind each work.

Photo by Nickolas Muray
Self Portrait with necklace

Frida was an amazing women who dealt with some very tough health issues, and died tragically young in her mid 40's. She was a total ground breaker for women in art, never playing by rules.

 I felt totally inspired both by her work and use of colour, and particularly by Frida's very individual look. 
Photo by Edward Weston

Her way of wearing chunky jewellery paired with authentic Mexican clothing was enough to get me back to the jewellery studio to make the below, and online to build my chunky bead stash.

Get in fast as the show at AGNSW closes on 23 October.