Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday Earrings

Sometimes I struggle with taking a good photo of  a new jewellery piece - our apartment has full height windows (good), but with a grey tint which adds a cool colour render (not good) and the wonderful  Sydney light is  too bright to take photos outdoors on the balcony.
In reality (or mine at least !)  a new piece may look great, but if it doesn't photograph well, then it's not worth posting in the stores. I have couple of pieces that fall into this category that I will persist with and hopefully post soon.

Anywho..!! Lovely sunshine today , a public holiday, 22C - nice light for photo taking, so here are some new pieces with some new backgrounds that made the cut. Beads by Blue Seraphim, and Swarovksi.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wish List from Australia

I've made some new items this weekend but am struggling to get photos done. So I thought I would bring you some pieces from my Etsy wish list, all made by  fellow Aussie Etsy sellers. I don't just dream of beads !

Mizu Design's attention to detail is superb - Kylie's wood block prints and glicee works are beautiful - they have a quiet Japanese elegance to them. I've just added two to my apartment  (cat theme for the sashaandmax  workroom/cat den ) but I have my eyes on a few more.

 Serenity in green

Interrobang makes bags from car seat belts - the most amazing colours, and I love this cobalt blue one. Have a look at the red and yellow bags too.

Everyday Bag

Look at these felt bunnies by MoontsyAndFloontsy - so sweet and unique.

Crayola Rainbow Bunnies

I've already bought some of Inaluxe's mid century modern cards this weekend, but there are plenty more for you to peruse.


Or how about this bag with the scooters by Missy Mao Mao - hard to pick just one from this lovely shop

Go Black Scooter
Missy Mao Mao

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bubbles Darling! Necklace

Here's an experimental piece I made for myself with some unusual chain. I've named it after a well known Sydney socialite, Bubbles, so named as she was known to say when at an event in search of a glass of champers, "Bubbles, Darling !"

I'm happy to make more - it is really lovely to wear as the chain is so light.