Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bubbles Darling! Necklace

Here's an experimental piece I made for myself with some unusual chain. I've named it after a well known Sydney socialite, Bubbles, so named as she was known to say when at an event in search of a glass of champers, "Bubbles, Darling !"

I'm happy to make more - it is really lovely to wear as the chain is so light.


  1. Lovely necklace Vicki, so elegant and in fact, it seems to be so light to wear. But you are courageous to make all those links, as i cannot open the image, i can imagine they are hammered and patinated. Beautiful work.
    Have a beautiful Eastern week end, and please, give Sasha and Max a lot of cuddles from me.


  2. Thanks Vero and best wishes to you and your sweet kitten too. The links are easy as every third is open - it was simply a case of assembly with this one..looks more complex, I agree!

  3. Cool necklace, Vicki! Love the multiple chains and the modern feel!

  4. Sending you some Sunshine ... to award your inspiring blog with: The Sunshine Award :)
    Cheers Kris