Saturday, 28 June 2014

Time for new pieces


 After 12 months of relentless work pace in the commercial architecture and design arena, and feeling like I was going to have a mental and physical meltdown, I've been on holidays for 2 weeks with 2 to go, the first week was in Tasmania visiting Cradle Mountain (a World Heritage listed park) and the indulgent and quirky MONA art gallery in Hobart (loved it, and look forward to going back), the second week at home which means I've had a lot of great beading time, exercise, and cat time.

Have also had time to review older ones and rework to get a more cohesive collection happening (see Ecletica above).

I hope you like the pieces.

 I'm really loving multiple strand necklaces, and Jade Scott's pendants.

These beads from Mika at Pinocean are so pretty.


I'm now focusing on my Made it store, as Etsy has been super quiet ..lots of looks, no sales for 12 months so I'm reviewing my direction there (am happy to list in Etsy on request if there's a piece that is of interest to you of course - just drop me a note).