Sunday, 29 July 2012

A good weekend

How has your weekend been - did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony? I loved the Queen with James Bond, probably the best part of the show for me!
It was our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday, so on a crisp sunny winter's day we went for a long lunch down by the beach at Balmoral at the Public Dining Room (strange name but great food), a wonderful restaurant with  a casual fitout  of oak flooring and original Eames chairs.

Here are a few new beaded pieces.

The first is a partner to the Snowgum bracelet, and has beads by all the fabulous ladies, such as Gardanne, Bo Hulley, Elaine Ray, Shannon Levart and Pip's Beads.
Snow Gum


I must say those owl beads by Pips Beads are sooo sweet. They did not need much but a splash of colour and some wire.

The bracelet continues my obsession with Elaine Ray's ceramics.

Sasha says "Have a great week!"

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Slowly Healing

Hi there, sorry it has been so long between posts. I've been making only small amounts of jewellery of late, and have been trialling my new light tent to take photos, with mixed results - it can get very dark at our place during winter so I finally gave in. The egg bead featured below is by the lovely Vero of Narrative - what a talented artist she is.

Egg Pendant

On a personal note, the loss of Main Coon Max cat three months ago left me with not a lot to say for a while blog wise- he might have "only been a cat" as non pet people say, but to my husband Kevin and I, he was a vital part of our lives, and we were not prepared to say goodbye after 4 short years. Sasha, Max's sister, still looks for him every day which is somewhat heart breaking. This all has resulted in a fairly low key frame of mind as we move through our grieving time - time heals, as they say, and we are slowly mending  thanks to the love of friends, family and the sweet nature of Sasha.