Sunday, 28 February 2010

a riot of pattern

Aimi necklace created with another of LeAnn of Summer Studio's pendants. I love this cord colour- I was not sure if all the patterns would clash but it works somehow  - I think I need to make myself one of these to go with my myriad of black dresses.

Aya necklace made using a finer chirimen cord - it doesn't sit so flat when laid out for the photo - when worn it hangs really nicely. Coral pendant by Chinook.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Pattern and Connectors

Phew what a week!  I finished up at my day job on a Friday, and started a new role with a new firm on Monday. Busy, busy. I set up Sasha and Max on Facebook (after much hesitation - it was not a very user friendly site for a Gen X gal), and I've been a beading demon this weekend, making lots of  pairs of earrings and these necklaces.

It's interesting how using like materials and scale but in very different styles can deliver some diverse results - I'm having a jewellery open afternoon next Saturday with my lovely Mum, and the possible age range of the ladies attending will be broad, hence the experimenting with styles. Hey, my jewellery design style is generally my style, so it's either your thing or not, but it does range from clean lined to more decorative when I feel like it.

The top necklace has a connector from Summers Studio, combined with 2 scales of wooden beads and seed beads. It is a good mix of contemporary and classic.

The middle one makes a strong statement with its clean line feel, with a gorgeous two tone connector from Round Rabbit, mixed with seed beads and large scale wood beads.

The bottom one is a classic look, with a yellow and blue connector in a Victorian style from Summers Studio that reminds me of lovely wallpaper, with yellow jade.

Lots more ideas - just need to find the time....!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Gung hei faat choih (Happy New year)

Today is not only Valentines day but also Chinese New Year - the year of the Tiger. 
It is much celebrated in Australia as we have a wonderful multicultural population. The Chinese zodiac has 12 animal signs- the tiger is a sign of courage.  Today we're off to celebrate at my in-law's house with the family  - my husband's family is Chinese. It will be a wonderful plentiful feast!

These lantern style earrings are made with shaped onyx, and vintage glass drops from Splendor in the Glass.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rainy Sunday

A good day for creating - it has been raining for what seems like forever in Sydney, with more to come.
Pendant from Summers Studio combined with sweet striped czech glass seed beads.

Red coral and Japanese cord collar necklace.

These new pieces are now in the Sasha + Max Etsy store.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ceramic beads and textures

Just check out these beauties !
The Sasha+ Max team have been very naughty this month buying a heck of a lot of ceramic pendants and beads.We can't resist the stunning textures and colours in the work by LeAnn of Summers Studio, Mellissa at Chinook, Nancy of Round Rabbit, and MaryAnn at Macarroll -  you can feel the love that these ladies put into their work.

Am working on photos skills, not one of my best talents that's for sure (believe it or not I've come a fair way, and  yes it's hard to tell, as I have a long way to go!)  Have been playing with photo backgrounds as we're bored with white. The advantage of having a day job as an interior designer is that we get our hands on all sorts of samples to use as textural backgrounds. The photos in the post are the first in a few experiments. The black is woven vinyl flooring from Swedish firm Bolon.

Here are some new earrings with an exotic antique vibe, using Chinook beads, Swarovski crystals, and sculptural hooks that remind me of minarets.