Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ceramic beads and textures

Just check out these beauties !
The Sasha+ Max team have been very naughty this month buying a heck of a lot of ceramic pendants and beads.We can't resist the stunning textures and colours in the work by LeAnn of Summers Studio, Mellissa at Chinook, Nancy of Round Rabbit, and MaryAnn at Macarroll -  you can feel the love that these ladies put into their work.

Am working on photos skills, not one of my best talents that's for sure (believe it or not I've come a fair way, and  yes it's hard to tell, as I have a long way to go!)  Have been playing with photo backgrounds as we're bored with white. The advantage of having a day job as an interior designer is that we get our hands on all sorts of samples to use as textural backgrounds. The photos in the post are the first in a few experiments. The black is woven vinyl flooring from Swedish firm Bolon.

Here are some new earrings with an exotic antique vibe, using Chinook beads, Swarovski crystals, and sculptural hooks that remind me of minarets.


  1. I think your photo skills are great. I actually personally know a couple of those pieces up there and you've done a fab job with them. Nice to be in such good company. That background is great. I love how the ceramic pieces pop off it. Much more interesting than white. BTW those earings are gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful earrings! I don't see anything wrong with your photography at all :)