Sunday, 21 November 2010

Take one strand of beads

Petite Sunshine Earrings

The postman brought me my package of Mika of Pinocean's lampwork etched raku beads this week. Mika is a majorly talented lampworker who sells on Etsy.
Don't know about fellow bead folk, but I've got a bad habit of not reading the detail on how big the beads are (even though Mika clearly states this) , so at first I thought "Uh oh, very small"
They are in fact small and so beautiful, requiring not much more than to be grouped together to create some very sweet earrings. Here's what was made, with no beads to spare! 
The bead strand photo is courtesy of  Mika Collins.

Freckles Terracotta Earrings
Petite Turquoise Earrings

Freckles Ivory Earrings


  1. I love these small beads and find myself looking for smaller beads as I find them easier to work with. Your earings are all lovely and really take advantage of the beauty of the 'speckles.'

  2. I do read the measures, but they don't always sink in and sometimes I find myself surprised by the size of something. You made wonderful earrings with your strand!

  3. thanks Gunilla and LeAnn - Mika does make beautiful beads :)

  4. They are so small and sweet looking. My favorite is that final photo with the star charms.