Saturday, 27 September 2014

Geo and Metro Black and White

I love chunky beads, and you can't beat black and white, such a classic, yet back in style this year.
Great with a crisp white shirt or hipster all black

Geo Necklace

Metro Necklace




Friday, 26 September 2014

Spring fresh

So you might have thought from the last post that I've gone all monochromatic. Well, truth is you will see very contrasting pieces.
Today is fresh Spring colour ( it's Spring in Australia, and are we happy about that or what!).


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Behind Sasha + Max Studio's Black Label

I have been busy trialing and creating a new and very different range. 
It is called Sasha +Max Black Label.

Why? Typically the Sasha + Max style is weekend casual, whimsical and colourful, but my work day style in an architectural practice is more designer professional, and I wear a lot of structured pieces in black or white.

I felt there was a gap for a range to wear to work or on a night out, hence the inception of the Black Label range. It is monochromatic, simple and classic, featuring semi precious stones, silver and pieces that can be layered together.


I've closed Etsy, created a new logo which is the outline cat, and opened a store on big cartel, that stocks the new range.

My Made It store is still active and will carry the casual range.

Hope you like it!



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