Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunny Sunday

Those who know me well understand my (slight) weather obsession -I always want to and do know the forecast, which is bizarre when I live in a fairly temperate climate, but may be left over from my days living in Canada.
Here is Sydney, we have had 2 weeks of sunny days of 24C+ in what is meant to be the cusp of winter - it is the warmest May on record.
Coastal Necklace
  Whilst that's great for us and for the sunbathing Sasha cat, what does it all mean long term? Whilst not wanting to get all politically charged on you, dear readers, Australia's current Prime Minister Tony Abbott of the skimpy swimwear belongs to the climate change denial camp. It is hard to deny that our climate has changed but this guy decries a lot of other things ( the disadvantaged, the need for higher education at an affordable rate... I worry about my nieces and nephews....).

That's enough of my high horse politics, as I know you come for the pretties. Here are some recent ones.....................

Tassel Necklace

Full Moon earrings

Anna Necklace