Sunday, 29 July 2012

A good weekend

How has your weekend been - did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony? I loved the Queen with James Bond, probably the best part of the show for me!
It was our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday, so on a crisp sunny winter's day we went for a long lunch down by the beach at Balmoral at the Public Dining Room (strange name but great food), a wonderful restaurant with  a casual fitout  of oak flooring and original Eames chairs.

Here are a few new beaded pieces.

The first is a partner to the Snowgum bracelet, and has beads by all the fabulous ladies, such as Gardanne, Bo Hulley, Elaine Ray, Shannon Levart and Pip's Beads.
Snow Gum


I must say those owl beads by Pips Beads are sooo sweet. They did not need much but a splash of colour and some wire.

The bracelet continues my obsession with Elaine Ray's ceramics.

Sasha says "Have a great week!"

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  1. Wow ! I don't know if my first thought is to say "what an amazing beautiful cat you are, Sasha", or to say "how lovely creations you've done Vicki !" :)

    Thanks for sharing both of them, Vicki !

    Hugs from France,