Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday Earrings

Sometimes I struggle with taking a good photo of  a new jewellery piece - our apartment has full height windows (good), but with a grey tint which adds a cool colour render (not good) and the wonderful  Sydney light is  too bright to take photos outdoors on the balcony.
In reality (or mine at least !)  a new piece may look great, but if it doesn't photograph well, then it's not worth posting in the stores. I have couple of pieces that fall into this category that I will persist with and hopefully post soon.

Anywho..!! Lovely sunshine today , a public holiday, 22C - nice light for photo taking, so here are some new pieces with some new backgrounds that made the cut. Beads by Blue Seraphim, and Swarovksi.


  1. Hey Vicki, know just what you mean about struggling with light. I usually take photos really early in the morning on the west or south side. Seems to work ok.

  2. Hi Greer - I guess we have the opposite problem to our northern hemisphere friends who don't have enough light - we have too much. I have to wait until the east sun clears our place as we are south but mainly east facing.

  3. Beautiful Vicki ! And Blueseraphim's lampwork beads are still gorgeous.
    Cuddles to Sasha and Max.

  4. glad you enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend ...
    (and the photos look beautiful ;) Totally adore the Tux Earrings