Sunday, 20 September 2015

Spring Necklaces

Some little treasures from this weekend's beading table efforts.
A weekend of beading, friends to dinner, quality Main Coon cat time, and some gardening in our new courtyard as we recently moved from an apartment to a townhouse (my new project- the courtyards are very grey, think prison exercise yard aesthetic! Need some TLC and I think I need to hire a landscape designer).

The necklaces are in the Sasha + Max Studio Made it store
I'm "modelling" them with my new fake suede top from David Jones's Studio W label- it was a total bargain and will be a steady favourite this spring. Reminds me of Labrador puppies.. weird I know.

Cactus bead is from the very talented Nancy of Round Rabbit.


  1. Hope your move to the townhouse involves a stand alone studio!

  2. Sadly no, but a nice new beading room with lots of light. I have a courtyard so may be able to get some flame happening, as I'm keen for torch fire enamelling.!