Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 here we go...

Well here we are in 2011.Wishing you all the best of health and good fortune for the year to come, and many thanks to you for reading our little blog last year.

Resolutions? Here's my "wish" list:

- Get regular exercise, get fit for skiing, work less hours and hopefully by default lose weight and become a svelte nymph.

-  Be a better friend - Get out of my own preoccupied head space and make time to write to and call my family and friends more often.

- Buy less beads, or sell more jewellery to buy more - not doing too well so far on this one - the Etsy sale was a slow one (like, zero sales..thats the holidays I guess...) and the bead spending this holiday season has outweighed the sales.... but, I say, the Australian dollar vs USD exchange rate is so good....

- Make more jewellery,  and use up the aforementioned potential bead overstock.

- Challenge myself design wise with my jewellery design.

- Assess and review if Etsy is the best venue for Sasha+Max as there's so much competition, consider more focus on  my Australian Made it shop which sells well, and think about a website and / or Big Cartel shop.

I think that's a long enough list! Phew. just typing it has made me tired..
Whats on your list?

The photos are a few pieces that I've been working on over the holidays and am slowly adding to the Etsy and Madeit store.


  1. I particularly like the "svelte nymph" resolution :) Gorgeous new pieces! I think Etsy is particularly tough for jewelry designers...there's not much to lose with starting up a Big Cartel storefront is there? ArtFire is the other venue that seems to be growing. I wish you the best of success and lots of joy in the New Year!

  2. Buy less beads -- that's one of mine, too!

    I love your work! I hope you'll visit my blog and consider joining the Bead Soup Blog Party -- I'd love to have you play!