Saturday, 5 February 2011

Crazy with the heat

I think I've gone bit craaaazy this afternoon - it is 41C here, and its 6PM  day 6 of 30 plus weather, and a 150 year record. I'm weather obsessed.. always have been since I was a kid ...  anywho.. . back to beads!

Regular readers might have observed that I' ve got a thing for birds and hearts - just can't help myself.  Well today its hearts a plenty.

Jennifer of Blue Seraphim made the sweetest glass hearts - if you're quick you can grab a set at her store. that is,  if I don't give in and buy some more myself.  I've made 2 pieces with them.

Bless Your Heart Necklace
This one has a nice casual feel, and I like that the heart is off to the side.I'm a big fan of assymetry.

Heart of Glass Necklace
Not much to this one, I know. I wanted to let the hearts speak for themselves - they are so beautiful and voluptuous.

Nancy of Round Rabbit also makes amazing porcelain hearts that are total contrast - grabbed about 4 on the last RR update binge - love the retro 70's geometric embossing on this one.

Enjoy the weekend dear readers, and stay cool / warm wherever you are.


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  2. One can always smile when they see a heart! These are beauties. Thank you for your visits and kind words.

  3. Simply Beautiful my friend!!!