Sunday, 7 August 2011

Beading Maniac

It's been a good beading weekend, making lots of pieces to restock the shops which had been cleared out somewhat by a fabulous wholesale order to a Queensland store, Urban Dweller.  Amanda of Urban Dweller is always scouting for crafty goodies, so we are very happy to be part of that!

Here are some of the weekend newbies. Raining again today after a wonderfully warm week, so please excuse the quality of the lighting for the photos.
Pink Chunky Bracelet

Green Apple and Wood

I also got a lovely package of ceramic components from Nancy of Round Rabbit on Friday, and the earrings all feature her pieces.

Fringe earrings

Plum Raku Earrings

Plum Ribbed Earrings


  1. those are lovely!!!!

    greetings from Spain,

  2. Great color palettes! I am intrigued by the dangles on the last earrings. I love the color and the shine!
    Enjoy the day!