Sunday, 6 November 2011 I love it

Green, how I love it, may be a bit too much of late as it is a constant feature in recent pieces. Here's some new work. Lots of green.

I really love how Gardanne's beads look like birds eyes - they go well with Round Rabbit's owl.

Wise Owl


Linked - the chunky chain and the glass links...

The Pod bracelet was created as I wanted something simple yet not, if that makes sense?



  1. Funny isn't it how we go through colour phases? I love all of this green and all of the different kind of greens. I think I do know what you mean by simple but not. You pieces here all have really nice colour composition.

  2. Jumped across to your blog to find you've also recently written about green, love it! Adoring the bracelet and owl, in fact I'm drooling over it all. You have a wonderful style!

  3. Hi Vicki,

    Many thanks for your comment on my beads, i am very proud you found them lovely.

    Of course, i can sell overseas if you are interested. Be free to ask me what you need, or make your choice on my shop.

    Hope everything is fine for you.

    Cuddles and bisous to Sasha and Max.