Monday, 1 October 2012

Travels in Amsterdam and London Part 1

Typical Amsterdam houses

A work colleague and I were very lucky to win the Forbo award trip for a flooring design using marmoleum. The prize was an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam and London for a week, to visit the Forbo factory,  have architectural and design tours, plus visit the London Design festival.

Forbo's Krommenie Showroom

The Forbo team looked after us very well, and we had a wonderful and hectic time, lots of food and great conversation, plenty of galleries and design talk, and a wee bit of shopping!

Fold Deluxe Mid
My new shoes from United Nude
Found an amazing shoe shop in Amsterdam, called United Nude -the store fitout was very cool, and the shoes are totally architectural, amazing colours, perhaps some not so great to walk in but very sculptural- I played it safe, I am an older chick, so bought 2 pairs in more muted tones, with relatively sensible heels, but will no doubt visit their on line store in the future as they ship to Australia.

Restaurant De Kas
We ate at a unique restaurant in a greenhouse in Amsterdam, called Restaurant De Kas. The design is by reknown Dutch designer Piet Boon. The food is all seasonal and sourced from the Netherlands - there is no menu, you eat what is on for the day - the produce is all fresh, with some grown on the site. A wonderful meal. Amazing tomatoes - we don't have tomatoes that taste like tomatoes in Australia! A must visit place if you get the chance.

I am still recovering from the dreaded jet lag, thank goodness it is a long weekend here!. Watch out for the next blog post regarding the London trip in the next few days.


  1. Very Cool! Looking forward to more!
    I just met someone who found a pair of United Nude on Ebay. Very cool! I would love to try that restaurant too! What about beads??

    1. Hi Cilla, We had a hectic schedule so sadly no bead shopping in Amsterdam, but I did buy some Van Gogh charms at the Van Gogh Museum, which I will turn into some earrings for my travelling colleague, and some amazing Danish fluro pink / orange ribbon.I went to the VV Rouleaux ribbon store in London - Lorelei and Nancy visited there a couple of years ago, and Lorelei blogged about it - it had some lovely ribbon and tassels, so I just need to come up with some good ideas to use it all for!

  2. Great trip blog! I have seen ribbon used by, using ribbon crimps on each end then attaching a small chain and lobster clasp for a simple bracelet.For the center of the ribbon , jump rings are threaded to attach interesting charms and bead dangles, sometimes a couple of knots are placed on either side of the center to hold the 5 or so jump rings in place. A simple design but it can really sing with the right ribbon ( which you have) and darling beads and charms.

    1. Thanks Cilla - glad you enjoyed the travel tales, and a great idea for the ribbon - might give that a try!