Saturday, 24 October 2015

Technologically challenged?

Hi there, why is my post thus named Technologically challenged you might ask?
Well I've been trying to work on a mail chimp database to get my act together with a quarterly newsletter. I've added a button the top right hand side of this blog....I'd really love it if you can give it a whirl then we can see if the thing's working!! I also need to get my act together on Instagram... working on it!

Here are some new bits of eye candy. The first features a gorgeous bead made by an Australian lampworker, bought at a Sydney bead show  - have hoarded this for 12 months... meet Flower bed necklace.

flowerbed necklace

 The second is named Shades of Grey. It features Kazuri beads with some recycled wooden ones from a broken 'Elk" necklace. Nice and chunky.
Shades of Grey

 These Sorrel earrings have the most amazing lemon lime beads, a bit hard to photograph but wow, they are intricate.


And these Sierra ones are some nice modern geo fun
Have a lovely weekend.

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