Saturday, 8 May 2010

For the love of it

I make jewellery because I have to - it is my obsession and I really love it.

However, sales have been very slow in my online shops, like, no sales since January!!
Full of creative self doubt, I was having what we Aussies call a "whinge" to one of my girlfriends last Sunday. Low and behold, 4 decent sales this week  - the gods were listening, perhaps? Thank you, dear customers!

One piece that sold was my Bluebird bracelet . Here's its pair, the Bluebird Necklace, which I have just added to the Etsy store. The bird is by Summers Studio and it sits so nicely with Mary Ann Carroll's cube beads and some pewter discs.

Enjoy your weekend, and be nice to your mother - Sunday is Mother's Day in Australia.


  1. Etsy is like that. It didn't used to be when it first started but there were a lot less people on it then. Just don't take it personally. It's just very hard to keep your products at the top of the pile because there is so much being listed every second. Congrats on the sales though :)

  2. Love the little bird necklace.
    Its funny how sales go. Nothing, nothing and just when you start wondering if perhaps no one can see your shop but you, suddenly a sale. Ah the fickle finger of fate

  3. Thanks Kylie and Greer. Etsy is a very big place these days! I'm on Made it too which is small, but I guess if there was a happy medium we all might quit our days jobs and become full time artists /crafters :)

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