Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday Eye Candy

Loving the big porcelain pendants I bought from Round Rabbit - this beautiful textured one reminds me of an abstraction of  the alpine forests you see in Europe or New Zealand's Fjordland. It sits nicely with some simple green lampwork beads and a chunky chain.

Sputnik Blue Earrings

I'm also having a thing for spiky and bumpy beads and have been stocking up at Pinocean and Blue Verre. I know I showed the Green Sputnik's last week, but hey, here they are again. The feature beads used for the earrings and the necklace are by Mika at  Pinocean.

There are a few more in the mail on their way to the studio. They are a bit controversial - you either love them or.. ..not..

Me, I can't get enough, and end up keeping half of them for myself... an occupational hazard for a beadaholic.


  1. That green pendant necklace it exquisite!

  2. Your jewelry is fantastic, so clean , fresh, and fun! I adore the spikies!