Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Holiday Highlights

Serendipity Bracelet

It's been a luxurious mega 5 day break in Australia for Easter and our ANZAC memorial day. It's back to work tomorrow (unless the $25M lottery comes my way tonight- it could happen..!).
As it's has been raining in Sydney pretty well  non stop, there's been a lot of beading and cat time, and family feasts.
Here are some of the highlights. Excuse some of the photo quality - it's been so dark here that some major editing was required.

Lush Bracelet

Max cat relaxing to purrfection

Thanks for the comments on my last post - I tweaked the cathedral motif necklace just a wee bit with an extra jump ring so it sits neatly, and I'm now happy with the results.
Chartres Necklace

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