Sunday, 29 January 2012

All things Japanese

Empress Necklace

The crescent shaped feature piece by Elaine Ray was rediscovered in my beading stash. It is a beautiful piece that I bought a long time ago - I have a bad habit of ordering bits and pieces with some fantastic beading project in mind, only to forget what I needed it for by the time it makes its way from the US to Australia which usually  2 -3 weeks. Sketching and notes would be a good idea!

The result is that this necklace is rather bold - she will need a creative and strong willed woman to own her, hence the name, Empress.

I want to say many thanks to Zara, a new customer from the Blue Mountains who has bought 8 of Sasha+Max Studio's Japanese necklaces this week to sell in her new gift store.

Here are some other recent pieces, all part of the continual Japanese collection. Aieko features a Chinook pendant, and Maya is a longer style to balance the size of Round Rabbit's pendant, with a lacing detail.



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  1. love love love these! Your jewellery just gets more and more amazing! So awesome. x K