Monday, 2 January 2012

Holiday beading

Tash Necklace, with beads by Vero of Narrative

All the best to you and your families for 2012. After a week or so of a holiday break, its back to the day job tomorrow. I'll miss those afternoon "Nanna" naps, morning gym sessions (here's hoping I keep those going), bead table creative moments, and quality cat conversations with Sasha the Maine Coon who loves a good chat.

These are some new pieces that have or will be listed into the Sasha+ Max stores over the next week or so.

Freckles Earrings. with more of Vero's beads

Sunshine Bracelet
Sunshine Bracelet
Drift Necklace


  1. Bonne année 2012 ! I wish you the best for this new year Vicki ! A peaceful, creative and full of love 2012.
    Many thanks for the beauties you created with my little lampwork beads. Love especially the earrings.
    Cuddles and bisous to Sasha and Max.

  2. I see fro the displays that you have a wide variety starting from soft and subtle colors to dramatic and chunky ones.I like both depending on the occasion of wear.Charm Bracelets