Sunday, 24 March 2013

Enamelling Round 2

Day 2 of my 2 day course at the Gaffa gallery - 30C weather and indoors for most of the day with a kiln running at 800C makes for hot work - maybe sweated off a few kilos! Some of these pieces will be worked into jewellery over the Easter break. 

This pair of charms was made by enamellling a white base coat, and then cutting a stencil in a chevron pattern and overlaying the yellow - I'm very happy with these.

 The flowers are very simple enamelled both sides - deceptively time consuming but worth it.

Simple washer rings with colour both faces.

And a pendant - did not have time to enamel the back face so this may become a piece for me.
Now, if only I can win the lottery, buy a new house with a studio.... aah, we can dream .

Many thanks to the wonderful tutor, Alida Capelletta - her work is beautiful, and she is a woman of infinite patience.

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