Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beading Girls Club

It's been raining almost non stop for about 8 days in Sydney, and winter has hit us. A great time to stay indoors and have some quality beading time.
Mosaic Bracelet

Early this year, my friend Sue asked me if I could teach her how to bead. We booked a date, and then her friend Lynne asked to join in. What has resulted is a social beading girls club at my place, and yesterday was meeting no.3. I get out some of my bead stash and the girls bring some treats, wine and of course beads along as well.  We kick off with a nice cup of tea and some sweet treats, then get into it for a few hours, and round it out with wine and cheese and more chat.

Dining table as work bench

Lynne hard at work

Sue playing with earring styles

Sue and Lynne 's skills are coming along really well - they are working through getting to know the jargon (head pins are not called sticks!), design composition, crimping and learning to be patient with microscopic beads. Next time they will be encouraged to to do wrapped loops ( I helped them out on the wire wrapping yesterday, but next time watch out!). Here are the results of a few hours.

Sue's "Jacquie O"choker necklace with Czech beads and casual lampwork earrings using Marjoram glass
Sue's bracelet and matching earrings using Elaine Ray and Gaea beads and earhooks from Shannon Levart.

Lynne's Czech glass, brass and Ceramic pendant necklace using Round Rabbit's pendant, and her casual earrings

A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and a really lovely social time. We'll be doing session four soon no doubt.

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