Monday, 10 June 2013

New pieces

It's a glorious long weekend here - Queens Birthday celebration - a good reason not to become a republic, perhaps?

Mint Julep
Lots of beading time and bending wire to make ear hooks, which has been a real pleasure after 2 bouts of nasty cold  /flu business in 4 weeks.  Some pieces have been added to the shop, and the others will be listed over the next week or so.

Luna Earrings

Baby elephants

Luna Turquoise
I have also made myself a new basic short necklace- sits just below the neck above a scoop neck line - I wear heaps of black for work ( I know, architects and designers, we are are such cliches!). It's made of onyx and wood. If you would like to buy one let me know via comments and I can make another.

Also made myself a wood and terracotta piece - will have to give this one a trial run and I'm not sure if it is a success - chain may be a bit chunky and wont sit flat.. test drive on today...

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