Sunday, 11 October 2009

Having a beady kinda weekend

Have created some fun new bracelets this weekend, and will be stocking both shops. I am a bit obsessed with wood beads at the moment so you may sense a theme. I finished a necklace that I have been brooding over for a while - blueseraphim beads in raku patterns with some great brass rounds from patina queen. Originally the beaded portion was lime suede, but it just did not quite hang together - I'm happier with the new version with black Czech beads.


  1. Both are beautiful, lovely things too in your Etsy shop.

    Give some kisses from France to your lovely kitties Sasha and Max.


  2. thank you for your lovely kind words - and what is your kittens' name ?
    I love your etched copper work by the way - very beautiful...

  3. Send me your address Vicki you won my Gardanne bead giveaway.