Friday, 30 October 2009

New Brights

The sun is finally shining after what seems like weeks of rain, and a sunny weekend is promised. The light is wonderful, a true Sydney spring blue sky, hopefully inspiring some beady adventures.
My wooden bead obsession continues- I love the way the wood off sets bright colours. Jennifer of blueseraphim made some custom coloured stunning encased  beads for me that are so lovely that I thought it might be good to frame then to show them off.... think this may be the start of a geometric day.

Meanwhile Sasha + Max the main coon cats try to get into as much mischief as possible with bead stuff and bags, and then collapse exhausted by it all.... here are some gratuitous pictures of the guys.


  1. What an original way to play with wood beads, and the result is "superbe", it reminds me the 70' and someone like Brigitte Bardot who loved to wear this type of geometrical necklaces. And you're right, Jennifer beads are just gorgeous !

    The two little boys are my favourites, sure they are the sweetest babies in Sydney !


  2. Thank you - you are very kind - it is a bit 70's or perhaps a bit Bridget Riley the op artist. The cats definitely are the sweetest "little" ones in Sydney ( they are a very large breed)