Sunday, 4 October 2009

Setting up shop

I set up my Etsy store a while back - no bites as yet. Have spent the day improving some photos and tweaking it, but my Australian colleagues are scared of US dollars (although the exchange rate is great at the moment, which means my bead buying habit has gone a bit wild, ....uh oh..!)
So here goes with shop number two, Madeit, which is for Australian sellers only - a smaller pool of artisans but a smaller potential audience as well I guess.
Just finished my silver smithing course and am in 2 minds as to whether to take it any further - the flame torches are scary, and made me appreciate even more what those lampwork artisans out there work with everyday.


  1. Your jewelry is lovely, give the folks on Etsy a little longer to find their way to you! Keep blogging and they'll get there eventually :)

  2. Thanks Mellisa for your encouraging words !
    Have had a creative Saturday so hopefully some new stock will generate interest :)