Saturday, 21 November 2009

70's Party Retro Jewelry and Maxi Dress

Next Saturday we are off to a 70's party at our friends' very 70's house  - we are to dress as our favorite 70"s character - after thinking about the Brady bunch, Charlies Angels and some Love boat types,  I  have chosen my Mum (and she seems rather happy about it!)  - she had some very stylish outfits in this era.
Bought a 70's  gold mesh necklace from Etsy seller Enamel Owl who sells vintage and reincarnated jewelry - she has some amazing pieces - highly recommend a look.

Found the perfect maxi dress on sale that I will no doubt wear again from a wonderful Australian designer, Leona Edmiston - (Leona has a very affordable diffusion line, and besides my bad bead habit, I have a bad Leona habit!).Christmas in Sydney is hot and casual, so the dress will join me for the festive season.

Have some Camper Wedge Shoes in lieu of platforms, husband has the kung fu suit,  so I think we're ready to do the Hustle!

(photos by Enamel Owl and Leona Edmiston)


  1. This looks like so much fun! I do miss a summer Christmas holiday.

  2. yes I like it but a snowy one is nice too! summer has come too early as have the bushfires - today is going to be 41C/ 105F, and your old home of Melbourne has been having a serious heatwave.

  3. Very mod, hip, and groovy threads, babe!