Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sometimes the Simple Things

New pieces in very minimal designs - sometimes you just need the simple things in the season of visual overload that is Christmas.
Yes I know my style is all over the place, but hey,  that's the fun of it all when you're the shop owner - no rules!

Orange Ice Earrings ...Encased beads from Blue Seraphim don't need much more than a touch of sterling silver to finish them off..Listed in my Etsy store

Industry necklace.... Chunky steel chain combined with beautiful teal ceramic connector from Round Rabbit that I have been hoarding for ages,  ebony colored wooden circle, stainless steel wire. Listed in my Etsy store.

Hammered jet earrings....  Sculptural sterling silver hooks combined with hammered sterling silver concave circles, and Czech glass free form black  beads. Listed in my Made it store


  1. I love these simple pieces. Simple is not so easy to do but these are great. Nice strong design.

  2. Simple things are surely the hardest to do, but these one are just marvelous. Especially the industry necklace. Love the gunmetal color of the links mixed with teal ceramic bead.


  3. Hi Vicki,

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