Friday, 22 January 2010

As one day ends...

Berry NSW  - A totally tranquil place.

I chose this image from our holiday snaps - Berry, south of Sydney, is a magical place.

Feeling introspective today - my day job is in the architecture and design industry, which despite all the positive vibes has not recovered as yet from the GFC. Jobs and projects  hang in the balance, in the hands of too few. My hours got cut back to 3 days, which I guess leaves me more time to bead  but quite frankly was a blow to my morale.  As I am a Gen X,  I've seen this all before - being a designer is a love job, like a crafter, you don't do it for the financial reward.
I awoke feeling brighter, and resolved that I will  try to look eagerly toward the future and endeavour to use my new found time in creative ways....Like doing more beading, blogging, photography....oh yes, and exercise...bit of a long list.... lets see how it all goes.


  1. So sorry to hear about your (paid) work hours being reduced. Yes, we gen x-ers have definitely seen this all before. Yet we wait patiently in hope that it will turn in our favour one day :)

    Yes I can imagine the A&D industry feeling the pain of the GFC. Things will pick up, I'm sure.

    Every day is a new one with new possibilities. Keep breathing and thinking good thoughts.

  2. PS. Forgot to say love the pic of Berry. One of my favourite places.

  3. Ouch, that hurts to get your days cut without it being your decision. But I think your approach to filling that time with the creative things that you love to do is very positive. Enjoy those extra creative hours!

    On another note, I had forgotten all about Berry. It has been so many years. But your photo brings it all back. It is such a beautiful area.

  4. Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement and support - my industry has and always will be very cyclical, plus many people don't see the value in paying for good design and then complain that our cities' architecture is not up to par. Beading is a lot more chilled out - I am planning a lot of beady projects, and may be a trip back to the valley behind Berry which is truly one of my favourite places. Enjoy the weekend.