Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hearts and more hearts

All  sorts of beady joys arrived via the mailman this week -   I went on a ceramic pendant buying binge a couple of weeks ago and the fruits of my searches have been arriving.-  more Japanese cord, some huge and lovely hearts from Round Rabbit, and some stunning ceramic bits and pieces from Chinook. Still more to come.!

As today is Australia Day, a public holiday here, I have made a couple of necklaces with Round Rabbit's pendants. I was experimenting with different bail styles - one simple with seed beads, one a bit on the fancy side. .........I'm not really a valentine's day girl,  I just love hearts, honest !


  1. Love the simplicity of these and the bails are a nice touch. That chirimen cord is perfect. I think I need to get some. I love how it lays. Happy Australia Day! I made ANZAC biscuits for the occasion.

  2. Thanks - not sure if the cream is too delicate for the big heart but sometimes I make a piece then rework it a few times in my head, and it then may be redone.
    For Australia Day we stayed at home and made sausage sandwiches and beer as our token Aussie nod. Anzac biscuits - yum!