Saturday, 23 January 2010

China Plate Bracelet

A good day to stay and play in the studio in airconditoned comfort - the temperature outside rose  to 39.5C.

A sweet, dare I say charming (I hear the groans.!) charm bracelet that reminds me of  beautiful blue and white Chinois plates. You know, the ones with the images of arched bridges, gardens and Willow trees.

Porcelain charms by Earthenwood, lampwork by Studio rent,  Vintaj brass chain and Brass Bouquet brass charms. Crazy striped Czech seed beads from my local bead shop, the Bead Master.
Available in Sasha+Max etsy store.


  1. Love the blue and white with the Vintaj brass.
    (and don't you dare send the hot weather up here!)

  2. That blue with the brass is beautiful. I think it looks a bit like that blue and white china too. I'm glad you've got AC. We didn't have AC for our yearly spell of 40 degree weather in Melbourne. Slept with a wet towel on my head. Lovely, hair in the morning. Stay cool.