Saturday, 20 March 2010

Meet Maxy, Creative Director

Hi, I'm Maxy from Sasha and Max.  
I'm a main coon cat, the world's largest domestic cat breed,.and I'm a very big fellow.

When I'm not coming up with creative ideas for new jewelry for my human mother Vicki to make, or trying to raid the bead drawers, or watching birds from the comfort of my apartment, I like to hang out in the workroom at high level and keep a look out  for new beads arrivals.

That between a few cat naps... it's a tiring and stressful life being a designing cat.




  1. Hi Maxy ! Happy to see you working so hard... You are just so beautiful. But take care your managing Director, Sasha, doesn't believe you do not work,... you do ! Just taking some rest and looking for new ideas.
    Thank you Vicki to share these lovely photos with us. Max reminds me my beloved Main coon Booboo.

  2. Thanks Vero - though you might come and say hi, tempted by big cat pictures! Main coons are really fabulous cats - they have such a calm demeanor, strong personalities and are such friendly little guys.Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Maxy is a beautiful boy! So I assume the other kitty is Sasha? Is she a Maine Coon as well? They are both beauties...and...they look like they know it! I have pics of my studio assistants on my blog sidebar. They are Casey and Max, two Siamese boys. They are tearing through my house as I type this.