Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Bracelets

We've been busy designing this weekend.

The focal bead in this piece reminds me of an Australian river running through Australia's Katherine Gorge, a red landscape, hence the name Katherine bracelet. I've paired it with wood slices and turquoise. The focal is from Humblebead.

I finally used one of Summer Studio's bird beads - they are so sweet that. I have been reluctant to let them go, but there are a few more in the special  bead drawer.

The crazy purple of the dotted porcelain connector from Round Rabbit sent me in a totally different direction. I was in a dilemma thinking of how to use a 4 way connector in a bracelet, but I think this works. It is said that purple is the colour of feminism, so I named the  piece "Germaine" after activist and writer Germaine Greer ( pretty sure that she wouldn't  approve of such a flippant gesture!!).


  1. oooh i like what you did with Nancy's connector. I have one of these but haven't used it yet.
    I love the new dramatic color of your blog!!

  2. These are delightful. And yes that focal bead in the first pic is special.

  3. Thanks Lorelei and Kylie for stopping by my revamped blog!
    I'm liking the drama of the black - this blogger draft thing is lots of fun :-)