Sunday, 7 March 2010

My new tree

Check out my new tree from Mr Killmousky  - I just  adore it. 
It has little silhouette birds sitting on the branches- so sweet!
It can be used as a display, jewelry hanger, ornamental bookshelf piece, or a jewelry prop as I tried out today with some earrings. It is so lovely that I prefer to leave it plain.

Made of laser cut plywood by  Melbourne designer, Mr Killmousky  (Sasha and Max the cats give the name a big thumbs up) who makes upcycled pieces and cat related designs, and sells on Australian site Made it and Etsy.   You can buy your own here.


  1. I like that tree! It works as a great prop. I think I even recognize the charms in those lovely earings. The tree is just the sort of thing I would leave plain in a window sill maybe to that it could cast shadows.

  2. That is so super cute! I feel a purchase coming on.

  3. Oh I love your tree. I have a metal version of a jewellery tree (flat profile, perforated black metal) and it's so pretty that I can't bring myself to put jerwellery on it. So I've taken it off my dresser and it's now sitting on a shelf in my living room as a decorative object... :)
    Btw, I like the new blog design. Fancy pants.