Sunday, 19 February 2012

The end of summer

Secret Garden Bracelet
fern earrings
Freckles pink earrings
As winter soon draws to a close in the Northern hemisphere, summer in Australia ends February 29. It's been a very wet summer in Sydney - more humid rainy /overcast days than sun. We Sydneysiders hate wet weather - there's been lots of grumbling. So I made some pieces that reflect nature -  the carpet of green and the flowers that describes Sydney after all this rain, and as a preview for the long anticipated spring for our northern friends. These pieces will be added to Sasha + Max stores over the next few days.

Mist earrings


  1. I'm not sure which are more divine, the fern earrings, or mist earrings. Stunning colours, as usual, your work rocks!

    1. Thanks Jeanie, you are very sweet to say so ! Have a great week.
      Vicki :)